Garage Sale Fun & Fashion

I haven’t had any big scores recently at sales but I did find a few things within the last few weeks that are worth a quick share.

photo santa planterI found this Santa planter flocked with real fur trim at a garage sale for $1.00. It was made by Napco in 1961. The owner told me that she and her husband purchased the Christmas decoration the first year of their marriage. I like the “Best Wishes” message on the bag Santa is carrying.

photo 4 (1)How could I pass up these adorable clocks? They are both in working order.

photo chalkware dogWould you have spent $1.00 for this pipe-smoking carnival chalkware bulldog? I’m guessing him dates from the 1930’s to 1940’s.

photo earringsI’m going to finish up my post with a little fashion starting with, like, this totally rad pair of 1980’s clip-on earrings. Anyone having an 80’s party?

photo ringsAt the same sale as the earrings I bought this ring set. It is still in the original 1977 Avon box. Who doesn’t need a “Color Go Round, Convertible Ring”? And I especially need all the yellow tones it came with.

photo 2 (8)Now going way back in fashion to the 1920’s are these feather picks in bright red and pale teal. I found them in a bag with some old hats and asked if I could just buy the feathers. I paid $0.50 for the pair. They may have fancied up a hat, but I’d like to imagine these feathers tucked in the side of a forehead band of a flapper girl complete with wavy bob hairstyle. So pretty!

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Collections: Vintage Lighting

Perhaps I’ve been hoarding mid-century lights. I buy them, they go into our storage room in the basement, and I think “One day I’ll find a place for you.” We’ve been at our new house for almost a year and not much has gotten done. But within the last few weeks some projects have been wrapping up.

The light that was in our formal dining room…

Pendant Light Before

Has been replaced with this beauty.

Pendant Light After

I KNOW. Back before we moved I was trolling Craigslist and saw an ad for a farmhouse that was “renovating.” This was one of the lights they were getting rid of. The lady was super nice and it just wasn’t her style. I’m not going to tell you how much I paid. You’d faint. Hopefully soon we can get the rest of the lights from this sale up and you can see just how amazing they all are.

Pendant Light Lit Up

The glow through those frosted shades is heavenly.

And the wires that were hanging in our living room were replaced by this light, thanks to Austin.


It did need to have the metal refinished but that wasn’t too much of a problem. How do you all feel about popcorn ceilings? If I had all the time in the world I would painfully scrape it all off. I just might. This picture is making me real mad.

Wire Light

Then, I drove like a maniac to pick up this light. Is the base some sort of hairpin design? Is that a planter in the middle? Yes. All yes. It is in pretty good condition and I’ve never seen anything like it. Once the living room furniture is shuffled around I will take overall pictures of the rooms. I have the perfect place in mind for it.


As you can see the planter has seen better days. I’m unsure if I should put a fake plant in there or just leave it be. What do you think?

Last but not least, it happened. Remember when I was pining about that sputnik light from Lowes?

Sputnik Success

Maybe I found the exact same one on Craigslist, for way cheaper. And originally we wanted to put that light in our living room, but with the addition of a chrome table in the eat-in kitchen we are going to put it above there.

Not having some overall shots to show you is frustrating, but hopefully soon I will make pillows for our living room and have something of value to display. Right now it is filled with Mr. Potato Head, art supplies and of course Hot Wheels. Stay tuned.

Have you been doing any Craigslist stalking? Do you have a vintage light storage room? We’d love to hear from you!

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Little Things

Although nothing beats those monumental finds, there’s something to be said for finding small objects that just make you really happy when you see them. Recently I stumbled onto a few things that do just that.


What I love about mid-century modernism is the level of detail and craftsmanship that went into designing even the smallest and most inexpensive everyday objects. This 1960s stainless steel and rosewood salad set from Japan is a prime example.


Another great example is this 1950s GE transistor radio with its butterscotch genuine leather case. Everyday luxury at its finest.


This is just a fun—and practical—piece of wall jewelry.


At this point there are carved wooden African animals living all over my home, but this guy is a first for me. Most of mine are some type of orangey wood and less finely detailed. This high-definintion gazelle in a dark wood is a welcome addition.


But my favorite little find of the past couple weeks has got to be this sculpture of a nun. It appears to be some kind of heavy plaster with a gold colored wax applied over it, presumably to resemble sand cast bronze. The style of this type of art is often mistakenly referred to as brutalism, which is an architectural term referring to buildings constructed of rough, exposed concrete. Personally I like the juxtaposition of modern stylization and seemingly primitive materials and finish. Intentional or not, the commentary of a gold-plated nun makes her an interesting piece to ponder.

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Weekend Finds: Holiday Additions

This weekend most of my vintage finds were seasonal items. I snagged my fill of Christmas, Valentines and Easter goodies. The nice part of finding holiday smalls is I have a storage place for each so I can store them right away and forget about them until the holidays. It’s always fun to get them out from storage and rediscover my finds all over again.

Let’s start with this weekend’s Christmas finds.

photo 1 (6)I found these Made in Japan trees at and tag sale. I paid $1.00 for the bottle brush tree and $0.50 for the fragile tulle and wire tree.

photo 4 (2)This spun-head Santa I found in a $2.00 box of miscellaneous Christmas ornaments. Also in the box was the knee-hugger elf and a pair of tiny Santa ornaments.

photo 3 (2)These chenille Santa ornaments excited me the most. They date from the 1950’s and have clay faces. They were hidden at the very bottom of my $2.00 box and I didn’t discover them until after I purchased the box.

photo 2 (6) My assorted Valentine finds are next. The cards were a free find. Yes, free!

photo 2 (5)I love this one and “that’s no baloney”. Hee hee!

photo 3 (1)

photo 1 (5)

A darling felt Valentine girl for $0.10!

And finally my haul of plastic Easter items.

photo 1 (7)The Happy Easter centerpiece is not just a cute banjo-playing Easter bunny with a bouquet of flowers, eggs and carrots surrounding him. My kids saw none of this charm and did not approve of his half Easter bunny/half evil clown look, so I have found it a new, more appreciative home.

photo 2 (7)Maybe, just maybe, I will find some Halloween snags this coming weekend.

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The Craigslist Shuffle

While a newborn and an extremely energetic toddler has drastically decreased my garage-saling abilities, that hasn’t kept me from perusing Craigslist late, late at night. Where we once had a garage filled with furniture that wouldn’t fit in our house, now we have an almost empty one.

I called Tammy on Saturday exclaiming, “The garage is empty!” Only to go out and find four adorable bar stools:

Arthur Umanoff-like Bar Stools

Arthur Umanoff-like Bar Stools Closeup

Some other things to leave the garage was my stained Formica-topped table. That stain just wouldn’t budge and I knew it would drive our family crazy. We did replace it with an almost identical table that has four wonderful vinyl chairs to go with it. Pictures to come once our eat-in kitchen area doesn’t look like a tornado hit it.

photo 2

And another project table that I had intended to turn in to a train table. But I quickly realized there wasn’t enough time in a day to put two coats of paint on that baby.

Project Table

These chairs quickly went out the door because they were rather flimsy and just weren’t practical. I know, I love the colors too but seriously they were mega-uncomfortable.

Plastic Chairs

So long sweet table that I got four chairs with that matched my other dining room table. Basically, the chairs were free once debits and credits were tallied.

photo 3

The legs were definitely the coolest part.

photo 2And lastly, I kind of don’t want to talk about having to sell this beauty. Yes, I know the wallpaper is super out of date, but isn’t the shape of this cabinet is amazing? At least I have some photos to remind me of what I once had. This was supposed to live in our basement, but with everything that was supposed to go in there, it wouldn’t make it down the stairwell or through the basement windows.

photo 4

This all happened in about a month’s time. I think I’ve sold almost all of our extra furniture and am really paring down. Nothing like moving to make you realize how much you don’t need. Next up, I’ll share with you our lighting situation. It’s pretty exciting as I’ve found some really great snags.

What are you guys up to? Any new furniture acquisitions you’d like to share?


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