Weekend Finds: Frames and More

This weekend I spent my time peeling wallpaper from our eat-in kitchen. And thanks to Snag reader Tracy, I didn’t pull all of my hair out in the process. With her advice I used a combo of wallpaper steamer and water mixed with fabric softener and took it all down in about five hours. Yes. Progress is being made.

Kitchen Wallpaperless

Now on to patching and wet sanding and repeat a thousand times. This kitchen is a hot mess.

Luckily I have been able to get out to a few thrift shops and find some fun things.


We always joke with Austin that the two things he doesn’t need more of are lamps and frames. Well, I brought all of these out of one shop for under $10 and I should start telling myself the same thing. I was planning on using the print for an art project and maintaining the frame, but I’m getting more attached to the print as days go by. It’s not original art, but just a cheap quality print from Ben Franklin for $2 in the 1960s. Should I keep it?


This radio works but as you can tell it is super filthy. The knobs are just so cool.


I’m thinking this giant scarf is going to go in our bedroom. I love the pop of color and fun print it has, and for $0.69, who could resist?


This last find had me hemming and hawing on whether I should purchase these. Yes, bowling trophies from 1968–1969. The one in front is marble from Italy. I couldn’t get over their forms. And that green bowling ball. Such a pretty color.

What do you think? Any fun finds to share?

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“Orange Peel” Royal Haeger Pottery


photo 2 (42)Last week, I found this orange Royal Haeger vase at Goodwill. After paying the $2.99 for it I decided to do a quick search of piece before I drove out of the parking lot. My search revealed it to be one of the more desirable glazes in the Haeger line of pottery. This vase was produced in the 1970’s. Isn’t the color a dead give-away? It is done in the “orange peel” glaze. It is such a pretty glaze and especially in this shape of a vase which really resembles the appearance of an orange.

photo 1 (42)After my quick research I decided to run back into Goodwill and pick up the matching ashtray. It always makes your heart beat a bit faster when you decide you want something you didn’t buy, but lucky for me it was still waiting where I had sat it only moments earlier. Knowing I would probably not be seeing many other pieces with this glaze at such a great price I was thrilled to get it back in my claws.

photo 2 (43)I love the shape of the ashtray.

photo 1 (43)The bottoms of each piece are clearly marked. The vase still has its felt lined bottom. It is marked “Royal Haeger” and has the sticker from the floral store that it was originally purchased from. Under the felt I can feel the raised markings and it would resemble the raised marking on the bottom of the ashtray.

Haeger vase


Haeger vase2Now that I have two in this pattern, I’m going to be keeping my eyes open for more.

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Before and After: Danish Chairs

Some projects take awhile to do. And by awhile, I mean months and months if not years. But some don’t take so long—especially if you can talk someone else into doing the work for you. As you may recall, back in July I picked up a pair of beech framed Danish arm chairs with some “colorful” homespun upholstery.


Though the chairs themselves were great, the cushions reeked of a bad 90s makeover. If water-stained silk wasn’t the worst choice someone could have made, I’m pretty sure that getting water-stained silk in what can only be described as “electric mauve” was, in fact, the worst choice anyone has ever made. For such a bright color, it really brings you down. But I knew I could put right what once went wrong with a few yards of fabric.

"Hourglass" by Knoll Textiles in Ricochet Teal

“Hourglass” by Knoll Textiles in Aegean

Initially I thought I’d use a nubby oyster colored wool, but after comparing it with the light wood frames I decided I needed something bolder. I had purchased some Knoll fabric for another project, but the color was too perfect for these chairs. The textile is called Hourglass. It’s one of Knoll’s more affordable fabrics and though it’s made mostly of recycled polyester, it has the appearance and hand of worsted wool. It’s also a commercial grade material and should wear like iron. The tiny pattern gives it a little visual texture without becoming overwhelming. With the fabric chosen, I just had to convince my mom to sew the new cushions for me. I’m not sure how I managed that, but the result speaks for itself.


After seeing these, I can’t imagine any other color that would look half as good with that wood. In all honesty it wouldn’t take much to improve upon the mauve nightmare that previously haunted them, but the difference is really night and day. I’m very happy with their new look.


Fortunately I didn’t have to do much to the chairs, just a once over with some polish and they looked like new. But I did take a moment to polish all of the hardware. Small touches make a big difference.


Of course it hasn’t been discussed what I’ll have to do in return for this little favor (or the many other favors that I call upon my dear mother for), but I’m sure she’ll think of something. In any event, good work mom!


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What are you reading?

Hey, remember when you thought you could take a wall of wallpaper off in an evening? Eventually your hands were burned with steaming water and caked with glue, you were sitting on the floor completely defeated and your progress was this? Just a kind of a cool mish-mash of texture.


Instead of having something amazing and wild to post about with beautiful pictures, I wanted to find out what our readers are reading. Ever since Young House Love has called it quits, I’ve been wanting to find a new blog that shows house projects with progress. So on the days I want to rip out drywall just so I don’t have to peel wallpaper I can read their blog and feel like I did something, you know?

Here’s what blogs I’m currently reading:

Yellow Brick Home

Emily Henderson

Retro Renovation

Vintage Revivals

What are some of your favorites? Are you hanging out on Facebook forums? Chilling at thrift stores? And don’t worry: I’m going to show that wall who’s boss this weekend.

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Weekend Finds: Vintage Enamel Cup

My only find this last week was this old blue enamel tin child’s cup I bought at a consignment shop. Although it is in less than perfect condition, it had one standout feature that made it a must buy for me. Just looks like a plain old tin cup until you turn it around. Just wait for it!

photo 1 (36)

photo 2 (36)

On the revise side is a chick in a big hurry. So what is it running from? That’s the best part!

photo 1 (37)

photo 2 (37)

photo 1 (38)

I may have a tiny obsession with gnomes and the older it is the better. The colors on the cup are still vivid and bright. It’s difficult to read but it is marked “Germany” on the bottom, which dates it to being pre-WWII. I’m guessing the chick got away by the looks of the gnomes large clumsy feet.

photo 2 (38)

I think it was a pretty good find for $8.00.

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