1950’s Bingo Game

Fun 1950's Graphics

Fun 1950’s Graphics

I was so happy to find this 1956 Family Bingo game. The sale I found this at had a color-coded pricing system and items with pink stickers were only $0.25. So I was excited to pick it up until I opened the box and found the pieces spread all about. I had to think fast. Do I put it back or take the chance that all seventy-five calling numbers would be in the box? Well I took a chance and it paid off this time.


Transogram Family Bingo Game was Manufactured by Transogram Company, Inc. in New York, N.Y. It includes Bingo cards, wooden markers to cover the called numbers and 75 black and white plastic calling numbers in an ejector shaker box.


It even has its original paper banker’s chart with the directions to the game on the back of it.

bingo 3

Banker’s Chart




I feel like I got a great deal when the original price tag was $0.77.

This find was hopefully a small step towards finding a vintage metal bingo cage I had on my New Years wish-list.

As the front of the box explains, this game is “A complete Bingo outfit for homes, clubs, parties, etc.” Anyone up for a game of Bingo? My 5-year-old son beat me in our first round of this game. Maybe he will be up for round two tonight.

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