1960’s Bicycle License Plates

Two weeks ago I was out hunting for sales and not finding any good ones. I walked up to a sale in an old single car garage and saw it was filled with kids clothes and toys. I sped up my pace to get in and out of it fast. My eyes just happened to fall on two old bicycle license plates that were not part of the sale. They were hammered to an old wood beam. One right above the other. I thought they were super cute and since my husband is putting old car license plates out in his garage I knew he would like these as well. I decided to take the chance and ask if she would sell the little plates.  She seemed happy to get them out of her garage.

vintage license plates

Just remember if you try to buy something that has been hanging in the same spot for years it’s probably going to take time to remove it. In my case it took the lady about ten minutes to extract the nails out of the old wood. I’m guessing they have been hanging in that garage since the 1970’s. The two plates were issued in Indianola, Iowa in 1968. I love that they are local pieces. I spent $1.00 each and it made my day. I remember registering my bike as a child but all they gave us were stickers to put on them. If only you still got cute metal plates like these!

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