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The Two Year Hunt

Does anybody else remember these? Of course you do, because it’s the greatest toy ever. At least I think so. And one of the hardest toys to come by…for me. Oh sure, I could have gone to an antique store and bought one for $60, but to obtain my favorite childhood toy at full price isn’t […]

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Private Stash: Younkers Gift Card

As a person who prides myself in my gift-finding abilities, I’ve always viewed gift cards as a default gift. It’s what you buy when you can’t think of anything really great or can’t ship what you really want to give. But I have to wonder if I’d feel the same way if modern gift cards […]

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Private Stash: Table Top Christmas Tree

I snagged this small table top plastic Christmas tree at a garage sale this fall for $4.00. It is made by Plasco, Plastic Art Toy Corp. of America in Carlstadt, New Jersey. There is a date of 1949 on the box. It is very easy to assemble and can be stored in its original box […]

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Private Stash: Santa Matryoshkas

Christmas decor in our house is sparse. For one, I’m a lazy decorator. Plus, almost any and all Christmas decor, whether it be ornaments, creepy elves or ephemera is usually tossed up in the air to Tammy or Austin, whichever is closest, because they love it. There’s nary a time when something Christmas-related we find […]

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Private Stash: Glittered Reindeer

Now that Thanksgiving is over and the Black Friday frenzy has passed, it’s time to start spreading Christmas cheer. If this glittery little guy doesn’t get you in the mood for holiday decorating, nothing will. I love disturbingly cheerful decorations like this one, made in Japan in the 1960s. It’s just cute enough to drown […]

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