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Private Stash: Ceramic Christmas Tree

Happy Friday everyone! Today will be our last post in 2012, as the Snag team will be taking a short blog vacation until January 7, 2013. We’ll be back with revitalized energy, and hopefully some new finds. We’re always open to post suggestions, so be sure to email us if you have any ideas, or leave […]

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Private Stash: Glass Christmas Tree Toppers

Out of my many vintage glass ornaments, some of my favorites are the pieces few get to see—my collection of blown glass tree toppers. Many people are either in the star camp or the angel camp when it comes to tree toppers, but personally I prefer the classic look of a traditional glass topper. Most […]

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Advent Calendar – Part 2

This advent calendar was found by Angela this Summer at a garage sale. Luckily she searched through the stack of papers it was hiding in. Knowing how much I love these little calendars she gave it to me. The woman having the garage sale had placed a sticker on its back and labeled it as […]

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Leaving All the Toy Soldiers on One Branch

So I confess: I do have a small collection of Christmas ornaments. I forgot about them until my son found them and began to immediately man-handle them. Apparently I’ve been collecting small wooden ornaments. And this year I decided to put them all on my little guy’s tree. While it’s not the most refined tree, […]

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Light Up the Lights …Or Not

One of the first vintage Christmas items I ever accumulated was a string of vintage lights that had belonged to my great grandparents. I always thought it was so cool with its tiny matte-finished, faceted, screw-in bulbs. For safety reasons, the string was eventually discarded, but I couldn’t bring myself to toss those tiny old […]

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