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Private Stash: Cosco Booster Seat

I found this adorable 1970s chair at a garage sale last summer. It is in wonderful condition. This garage sale consisted of loads of things a retired teacher had owned. There were several shelves full of old children’s books from her classroom. When I finally finished looking though the books, I spotted this little chair tucked beside […]

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Instant Family

There’s something about the cold winter months and the distance they put between me and working on my projects that seems to give me amnesia when it comes to buying more projects. As the hours of toil it takes to bring them back to life becomes a fading memory, my garage begins to fill with […]

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Private Stash: Plastic to Tin Frame

Something has gotten in to me. Maybe it’s because I now run while watching Antiques Roadshow and I’m motivated when I get home to spruce up my collections. But this last week has been a picture frame festival. Six up in the bathroom (process coming soon) and a plastic frame that’s been holding a space […]

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Private Stash: Antique Lotto Game

This past weekend Angela, Austin and I were unable to go treasure hunting on Saturday morning. That rarely happens. However, later that morning I did call Austin while at Salvation Army to come see a couch I had found. When I asked him where he was he replied, “On my way to Salvation Army.” Perfect! […]

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Before & After: A Cure for Dishwasher Dullness

This weekend I was lucky enough to stumble upon the last pieces I needed to complete my Franciscan Madeira dinnerware set—eight dessert plates! I found them at Goodwill for a mere $0.79 each. Of course, they were dirty, dingy and covered in marks from silverware, but I was not going to let this stand in […]

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