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Private Stash: Vintage Nautical Graphics

Frankly, the world would be a better place with more of these vintage nautical themes…at least I think so. Although my mother-in-law, when I mention my love for these period graphics, mutters something about “that’s the same (expletive) I grew up with when I was a kid!”, I’m still a staunch supporter. And it turns […]

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Saarinen, Eames and Stumpf, Oh My!

Although I love a pretty broad range of mid-century design, there is a certain pang of excitement that runs through me when I spot a high-profile designer piece in the wild—especially when it’s cheap. Over the years I’ve bagged a Pollock executive chair for $5 (Charles Pollock for Knoll, 1963), an Eames Aluminum Group management […]

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Weekend Finds: A Pair of Chairs

I was so happy to snag this set of vintage outdoor lawn chairs. I purchased them this past Saturday at a tag sale. I spied them through a garage window right before the sale started and was happy to see them still there when I made it through the door. Each chair had a $3 price tag dangling […]

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The Semiannual Booksale

There’s one thing I attend every year without fail: an enormous biannual book sale. Never mind that I have hundreds of vintage books. This is the place where I’ve found the bulk of them and I always find at least one amazing book. The prices have been steadily climbing, but people must have complained because […]

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The Auction and the Blonde Boat Anchor

This weekend I found myself at an auction that promised some very interesting items from a defunct lodge of the Odd Fellows, a very old fraternal society with mysterious rituals. Since the group’s activities were secretive, their ceremonial items rarely become available to the public. Mixed in with the historical items was some general vintage […]

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