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Copper Test Tube Holders

Despite my mid-century modern sensibilities, I have trouble turning away from certain industrial things. There’s no real explanation for it. I have very few places in my home where industrial doesn’t look out of place. But, when something is cool, it’s cool. These vintage laboratory vial holders are definitely cool. I found these at an […]

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Weekend Finds Part 2: The Trash Pile

As you can tell from Angela’s post yesterday we turned our bummer of a morning around pretty darn fast. Our very first stop, following our failed attempt at garage sale-in’, made up for it. It all started at a very fun and cute store called, JP Knacker in Gilbert, IA. We chatted with the owner of […]

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Weekend Finds: Rain Can’t Keep Us Down

Tammy and I set out on Saturday morning with our usual optimism, and we even thought since it was rainy it might deter other garage salers away. Little did we know the rain would deter the actual sales. Out of a list of about ten sales, only one was open. So at 9 we started […]

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Put On Your Happy Face…

It’s official, the Snag Facebook page has launched! And we’re excited about it. Maybe not horrifying mime face excited, but close. Follow the Snag team on Facebook for links to our daily posts as well as exclusive content. You can check it out right here. We’ll be showing you our happy faces all day long […]

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Follow the Snag Team on Facebook!

Can’t get enough of Snag? Soon you can find us on Facebook. We’re always looking for new ways to connect with our readers and we’re excited to announce the Snag Facebook page will launch Tuesday, May 28, 2013. Follow us to get daily links to our posts as well as inspiration, photos, tips and other […]

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