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“I Like Ike”

After the shock of realizing my baby boy turned five yesterday, I’m happy to announce he has become my new little collector. Yes! We bought his first item just this week. After last week when I didn’t buy him a tiny old campaign button he had spotted because I figured he would lose interest in […]

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Before and After: Valet’s Chair

It’s almost July and I’m getting a little panicky at all the projects in my garage. Luckily, most are of the smaller nature so I can get them wrapped up with a few days’ work. This valet’s chair is one of them. I wish I had taken a better before picture to show its terrible […]

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Weekend Finds: Antique Apothecary Scale

I often get asked what the most interesting thing I’ve ever found is. After a few decades of finding, that’s a tough question to answer, but this weekend I think I may have found something that’s definitely a contender. Ok, this 19th century Henry Troemner apothecary balance scale might not be the most interesting thing […]

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Private Stash: Greeting Card Boxes

It is an unwritten rule of the snag team to open everything that can be opened. Things like suitcases, shoe boxes, jewelry boxes, coffee cans, envelopes and trunks never go unopened if we pass by them. It can be fun to see what others have hidden in them years ago. For me old greeting card boxes have […]

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Weekend Finds: All Under $20

While sometimes you finish weekend garage sales with a nice little collection that seems to go together, there are other times when nothing fits together and you (and your neighbors) wonder how such a vintage menagerie ended up on your lawn. This weekend was the latter. But the one thing that does tie everything together […]

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