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A Thursday Evening Church Sale

Last Thursday I decided to check out a church sale that started at 5:00pm. Unluckily for me I had to drag my 5 and 7-year-old long. We arrived 30 minutes before the sale started and were probably about twentieth in line. I gave both my boys $3.00 to spend and promised if they stayed beside me we would […]

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Weekend Finds: Magic Salvation Army

We made a trek home to visit my parents, and of course had to take a fifteen minute detour to a Salvation Army in a small town. I call it Magic Salvation Army. I’ve always found something there, they have a great selection of vintage. This time did not disappoint and I found a lot […]

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The Road Trip: Part II

As you may recall from Part I of this post, I had left a couple bids on some furniture at a tag sale over 100 miles away. The next day I awaited the phone call uncertain of whether I hoped to win the bid or not, lest I spend another day on the road for […]

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1950’s Bingo Game

I was so happy to find this 1956 Family Bingo game. The sale I found this at had a color-coded pricing system and items with pink stickers were only $0.25. So I was excited to pick it up until I opened the box and found the pieces spread all about. I had to think fast. […]

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Before and After: Get That 80’s Fabric Off My 50’s Chair

Chairpalooza? Chairfest? Armchairageddon? I was going to mix things up a bit with a private stash or something, but decided to go all chair before and after all week. So stick with me. I bought five chairs from one storage unit in one day. There’s this super rad couple near us who rescue furniture from […]

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