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Before and After: The Office

This week is the big move! So many mixed emotions are going on right now as I look at our cute house. Our office has gone through a lot of changes since we first bought the house. It was an office to begin with, then a guest room/office, which was super crowded (sorry guests!), then […]

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Mikasa Majorca Dinnerware

If you recall a few months back to my New Year’s Finds List post, you’ll remember that I wasn’t all that excited about making a list as I was afraid it might jinx my ability to find the things I wanted. Theory destroyed. So far this year I’ve found the coveted Drexel Declaration console stereo […]

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Homer Knowles Califorinia Pottery

I found this cute pottery bowl at the beginning of the summer and I’m just now getting around to doing some research on it. The marks on the bottom say, “KTK Calif” and numbered “410”…I think. From what I have found it was made by the Homer Knowles Pottery Company, in Santa Clara, California. Homer Knowles […]

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Before and After: Forever Couch

A long, long time ago I got a listing for a tag sale with this beautiful couch peeking out from behind a mountain of junk. I called the man hosting the tag sale and asked if I could get any more information and he thought I was crazy for calling about it. I loved this […]

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Private Stash: Dekalb Spinner

As a collector from the Midwest, there are a few things that I get asked continually if I ever see when I’m out shopping. One of them is a vintage Dekalb metal sign with the flying ear of corn logo. Until a couple weeks ago my answer was always “no.” Well, at least not at […]

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