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Private Stash: Playskool Puzzles

The other day at an estate sale I happened upon a puzzle that was half-off and therefore only $3. After my son declared he is no longer going to be an astronaut and instead a farmer, this was the perfect thing to give him. Especially since he and my husband waited in the car for […]

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Filling the Gaps

I spent nearly the entire past weekend cleaning my house in preparation for Christmas decorating. For as meticulous and anal as I can sometimes be, I really, truly despise cleaning the house. It’s when you discover that your home is so much more filthy than you thought. Each new nest of cat hair behind a […]

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Thursday Holiday Thrift

Last Thursday I had a fun surprise when I went into Salvation Army. I found three bags full of ornaments. At just a glance the bags looked awful, but I could see one or two amazing ornament in each bag. I paid my total of $7.00 and drove back super excited to look in the […]

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An Estate Sale Surprise

Happy Friday everyone! I don’t have too much to share since I haven’t been doing much thrifting. My husband’s been gone since Sunday and my toddler is in full-on active mode. Still, I did score some Shiny Brite ornaments and drove around the countryside looking for a Shasta camper to pass the time. I did […]

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How To Pack and Haul Furniture

As Snag reader Susie recently shared with us, transporting your fabulous finds can be a challenge, especially when they’re heavy, awkward and delicate—all at the same time. Susie, we feel your pain. For all of us there is that moment that comes after the dizzying intoxication of buying something wonderful starts to wear off and […]

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