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Private Stash: Arvin Space Heater

Let’s get a few business-related things out of the way. Today will be our last post until after the holidays. We will be shopping for more vintage goodies and coming up with creative posts to start the New Year. We’re working on a post about negotiating prices, and if you have anything you’d like us […]

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Early Presents (to Myself)

The holiday season is one where I often find myself needing little more justification than “it’s Christmas!” to  make a purchase. Normally I’d go through the whole rigmarole of  debating with myself over whether I really need something or where I’d even put it. But during the holidays it’s easy to just give in to the tinsel […]

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Christmas Cheer

Here are a few Christmas smalls I’ve found to add to my growing collection. I have been wanting some pine-cone bodied elf figures for sometime now, so I decided I could just settle on this set of four spun head pine-cone bodied snowmen. The pair of deer candles are in wonderful shape for their age. […]

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Private Stash: The Night Before Christmas

Our family does have a few Christmas traditions, and one of my favorites is pulling out our large box of vintage holiday books. Last year my son didn’t care too much about them. He’d sit and flip through them all. But this year he’s really excited and I read a few every day. His favorite […]

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Weekend Finds: Space Junk

This weekend Tammy and I headed out to the only tag sale there was to be had. Frankly, we were excited because with the cold winter weather and the rapidly approaching holiday, we weren’t anticipating any sales at all until well into the new year. So we got there early and put our game faces […]

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