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Weekend Finds: One Dollar or Less

It seems I have been finding very little lately, although I still found plenty to photograph when it came time to start my post. My finds, as usual, are all from garage sales. First up is a cute six piece set of “made in Japan” ceramic angel candle huggers. They had a price tag of $1.00 for the […]

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Weekend Finds: A Sonic Experience

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t been super motivated for garage sales lately. Why? They haven’t been that great. As much as I love a good sale, hours of driving around and burning gas and finding nothing great is not ideal. But I set my pessimism aside this weekend for some citywide sales that […]

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Nicos Zographos Side Chair

Every now and then I find something that I’m initially unsure of, but something about it draws me in until I just can’t help but buy it. One such find recently was a rather simple leather side chair. According to the seller it had come from an executive office at his former job. From the […]

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Garage Sale Finds and a Church Sale First

Once again I was out hunting citywide garage sales this past week. I did pretty good with vintage Christmas scores. I found a set of salt and pepper ceramic Santas and a tiny snowman, but my favorite out of this group is the larger ceramic Santa with spaghetti trimmed suit and hat.  Another Christmas find […]

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A Day on the Other Side of the Table

This past weekend I had the opportunity to be a vendor at the annual Valley Junction Antique Jamboree, sharing a space with Snag’s good friends at Funky Finds Vintage and Retro. Being on the other side of the table at an antique show—as a dealer rather than a buyer—was definitely an interesting experience. I’ve been […]

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