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Weekend Finds: Beauty of a Bar Cart

I don’t typically buy furniture at garage sales. It’s not because I don’t have the space. I pay no attention to my husband saying, “but we don’t have the space.” Rather, I find it can be challenging to find pieces I like. This weekend with a tip from a friend I found this adorable bar cart […]

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How-To: Vintage Looking Frames for Posters

A long time ago, I picked up a poster designed by Charles Spencer Anderson at a paper fair that I promptly stashed away, waiting to find the perfect place to hang it. Finally I’ve found a place that is in my kids’ nursery, but how to frame it and another vintage poster? I thought about getting a […]

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Charles, Ray and the Elephants in the Room

If I haven’t said this before, I’m very grateful to have great people in my life. People who send me emails that say something like, “I have a friend who is selling these. Do you know anything about them and would you be interested?” with attached photos that look something like: UM, YES and YES. Perhaps […]

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Weekend Finds: Odds, Ends and the Answer to Your Culinary Woes

I wasn’t in a shopping mood this past weekend but, of course, it didn’t stop me from squeezing a couple tag sales in on Saturday. Sometimes I go just because I know that if I don’t I’ll sleep in until after I would have been home anyway. When you look at it that way, it […]

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Weekend Finds: A Run of Fun Garage Sales

Garage sales can often feel like a waste of time, but when you do hit a good one you seem to forget all about the bad sales. Last Friday and Saturday seemed to be my weekend for finding things. I found items from a vintage 1960’s fire extinguisher to antique Christmas tree decorations. Get ready […]

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