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House Hunting: Close, but No Cigar.

This past weekend I took a little detour from my weekend plans to check out a new real estate listing. I knew when I bought my house that it wasn’t going to be big enough to hold my vintage pursuits forever—and that theory has been realized for quite some time. Although I’m not by any […]

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How To: Revive Your Wood-handled Silverware

Tammy gave me four beautiful, sculptural forks that needed some work. The metal was in great condition, but the wooden handles had seen better days from washing, maybe even from the dreaded dishwasher. Here’s a closeup. So just in time for your fancy Thanksgiving festivities, here’s how you revive them. First, gather your supplies. This is […]

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Weekend Finds: Vintage Holiday

I found this first item last week at a small shop that had just brought out its holiday goodies. The item is an old Christmas corsage. I have a few other Christmas corsages, but this is my favorite being that it has an adorable painted clay face of an elf with a chenille beard. Also I […]

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Private Stash: Vintage Snow Books

Today marks an important day (at least to a four year old) in Iowa: the first day it snows. My little guy woke up and exploded into our room so excited about snow. Usually I go all bah-hum-bug when it comes to snow, but his enthusiasm was infectious. We’ll see how that continues into February. […]

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Before and After: A Buffet of Sadness

Winter is literally pounding against the side of my house as I write this. Knowing this was inevitable, I’ve been tearing through refinishing projects like a mad man, hoping to squeeze just one more thing in before being plunged into freezing temps. As it turns out, today’s little buffet might just be the one project that […]

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