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Weekend Finds: Frames and More

This weekend I spent my time peeling wallpaper from our eat-in kitchen. And thanks to Snag reader Tracy, I didn’t pull all of my hair out in the process. With her advice I used a combo of wallpaper steamer and water mixed with fabric softener and took it all down in about five hours. Yes. […]

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“Orange Peel” Royal Haeger Pottery

  Last week, I found this orange Royal Haeger vase at Goodwill. After paying the $2.99 for it I decided to do a quick search of piece before I drove out of the parking lot. My search revealed it to be one of the more desirable glazes in the Haeger line of pottery. This vase […]

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Before and After: Danish Chairs

Some projects take awhile to do. And by awhile, I mean months and months if not years. But some don’t take so long—especially if you can talk someone else into doing the work for you. As you may recall, back in July I picked up a pair of beech framed Danish arm chairs with some […]

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What are you reading?

Hey, remember when you thought you could take a wall of wallpaper off in an evening? Eventually your hands were burned with steaming water and caked with glue, you were sitting on the floor completely defeated and your progress was this? Just a kind of a cool mish-mash of texture. Instead of having something amazing and […]

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Weekend Finds: Vintage Enamel Cup

My only find this last week was this old blue enamel tin child’s cup I bought at a consignment shop. Although it is in less than perfect condition, it had one standout feature that made it a must buy for me. Just looks like a plain old tin cup until you turn it around. Just […]

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