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A ($6.99) Patron of the Arts

I have a little problem with paintings—I can’t stop myself from buying them. Prints? I have about four. Actual paintings? I’ve got 17 of those (over 30 if you include paint by numbers). There’s something nice about having art that wasn’t mechanically reproduced. Sure, most of these paintings were churned out in large numbers from studios full of starving […]

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How a Vintage Item is Priced

Before we write our tips and tricks for negotiating (which we haven’t forgotten our request for, we promise!), I thought it would be helpful to discuss why things at a store or flea market are more than when you find them at a thrift store or garage sale. In this post, I will be using a […]

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A Find that Really Sucks

My love of mid-century design knows no bounds and it’s particularly unbridled when it comes to industrial design. Machines. Cars. Radios. Appliances. Oh those glorious metal beasts of yesteryear in gleaming candy coated colors. After decades of knowing appliances as unremarkable boxes (at their best) or totally undesigned assemblages of plastic parts (at their worst), it’s hard […]

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The China That Almost Was

Today I drove by a few signs saying, “BIG SALE!” Normally, I have at least one screaming child in the car and don’t stop. But this sale was seriously two minutes from my house and I decided we would conquer it. There was quite a bit of nonsense, but I did happen upon this beautiful […]

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Before and After: Amputee Hutch

Time and time again I fall victim to the pity buy. That sad, forlorn piece of furniture that really doesn’t seem worth the work of restoration but you just know will fall victim to the merciless wrath of the shabby chic army if left behind. That’s the story of this hutch. I found it sitting in […]

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