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As Good As Christmas Morning

Last Thursday afternoon I stopped by a sale that advertised vintage toys. I was so happy with my haul. A very friendly couple hosted the sale and it was fun visiting with them. They showed lots of enthusiasm about their items they were selling making the sale super fun. I love to learn the history […]

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Ask Snag: How to Negotiate

It’s here! It’s finally here! Just in time for crazy garage sale season. This guide will help you in getting the most of your pocket full of quarters and dollars and help bring home a van full of vintage goodies. 1. The first step and most important step to negotiating: be nice. Seriously for the love […]

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The Finds Started Popping Up

Last week I found my usual mixture of random goodies. It all starting at a Thursday sale where I found a group of mushrooms. I have not a clue what I will do with all these but it’s a nice sized crop of mushroom candles and tiny candle holders. Friday morning my mom and I […]

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A Chair-tastic Weekend

This weekend I owe all of my finds to Tammy. With phone calls and texts she lured me away from what was shaping up to be a nearly a shopping-free weekend to a couple of pretty good sales. While there were some smalls and other fun finds to be had, I’m most excited about a crop […]

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A Week Full of Finds

Last Thursday, a friend and I hit a tag sale that started at two o’clock in the afternoon. This start time gave me little time to shop but I planned it just right. I gave myself thirty minutes to shop before heading to the school to pick up my boys. It all worked out and […]

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