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Weekend Finds: A Room Divided

In fairness, the subject of this post isn’t necessarily a room divider, except “freestanding shelves” didn’t seem dramatic enough for a post title. But if you did decide to divide a house with the beauty I found this weekend, it would definitely stand. Actually when I found these they were being sold as bookshelves and were […]

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Weekend Finds: The Real McCobb

Lately it just seems like things have hit a slump. I haven’t been finding much of any quality, but I’ve spent a lot of time (and gas) trying. So, this weekend when a friend and I decided to freestyle and drive around looking for random garage sales I didn’t have high expectations. I didn’t, that […]

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A Campaign Question

Currently my almost five year old son is in the same room with my one year old daughter. Let’s just say it’s not going so hot. My daughter still wakes up screaming once or twice a night and wakes up at the lovely hour of 5 am. So we’ve been thinking about moving our son […]

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Weekend of Camping Only!

What was supposed to be a weekend of roughing it in the wild, led me to some pretty fun finds. On our way out of town Friday around 3:30 p.m. I drove past a garage sale sign. I don’t know about you, but I have a super hard time driving past one and a simple trip […]

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Awash with Treasures

This weekend was a little unusual for me in that I (mostly) took a break from finding and did a little selling at an outdoor antique show. Sadly I am not using the term “awash” to describe an abundant haul of finds, but rather describing the devastating toll the rain took on my weekend. We’ll […]

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