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Christmas in July

I went to two fun sales last week. The first was a Thursday evening church sale and the other was a tag sale. Oh my, did I get my fill of holiday goodies! These Christmas boxes all came from the tag sale. Vintage Christmas boxes can be just as amazing as what’s hidden within. Aren’t […]

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Stalking the Chiclets

This past week I got to live out one of my thrifting fantasies: being there the minute something great walks through the door. Seeing that terrific thing pull up in a truck and get carried through the doors—and making a move on it before a single other person lays eyes on it. As I was […]

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Front Door Dilemma

You know when you wake up one morning and shout, “I’m tired of looking at this maroon front door!” That’s where I am. Despite fifty other projects halfway started, I’m on to thinking about paint colors. Sorry everyone who lives with me and my project ADD. Oh my, our front entryway is so sad. Except for […]

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Don’t Forget the Free boxes

A few weeks ago I had one sale on my radar. That day it just happened to be raining but it was an indoor sale so I ventured out in the pouring down rain. I was disappointed when I left the sale. There was not a single item that interested me and if there would […]

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Weekend Finds: The Best of Scandinavia …and a Hooker

Like so many of my weekends lately, I have been too busy with other things to spend much time thrifting. Yet it always seems like I find just as much when I’m not looking aggressively. A quick stop a thrift store or a casual flip through Craigslist and boom, I’ve got just as many great things […]

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