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Weekend Finds: Eames Aluminum Group Table

While in the throes of winter it’s difficult to get a good get. There aren’t many estate sales and the thrift stores are barren and, frankly, it’s hard to muster the desire to leave the house to go to either of them anyway. That’s why I like Craigslist: it’s easy to shop from the comfort of […]

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Private Stash: Frae Scotland

One of the reasons I like thrifting and finding small things is the ability to glimpse into the past. I was cleaning out a bookshelf and found this little pouch I purchased at a flea market ages ago for $0.50. Why did I purchase it? Who knows. But when I got home there was a […]

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A Case Study in Chairs

I don’t have much self control when it comes to awesome chairs. I don’t have anywhere to put more chairs. They’re everywhere in this house. In some cases there are even chairs sitting behind other chairs. Though I issued myself a clear and assertive “no more chairs, no exceptions” directive, it was pretty powerless against […]

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Everything You Thought was Wright is Wrong.

On New Year’s Eve as I traveled to a party (read: eat Chinese food and watch The Big Lebowski) I, of course, stopped off at a thrift store. I had a coupon that expired January 1 and I wasn’t about to let it expire. During my initial sweep of the store I didn’t find much other […]

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A Look Back at Christmas

The holidays are a reflective time. It’s hard not to get caught up in thinking about all the years that have passed and what they meant. One gift I received this year in particular had me thinking specifically about old holiday photos. This sweet vintage Kodak dark room timer. I love it and it’s actually […]

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