A Campaign Question

Currently my almost five year old son is in the same room with my one year old daughter. Let’s just say it’s not going so hot. My daughter still wakes up screaming once or twice a night and wakes up at the lovely hour of 5 am. So we’ve been thinking about moving our son to the room in the basement. Which means needing some furniture for him.

Without having any concrete ideas in my mind, I absent-mindedly checked Craigslist just to see what’s out there. I came across this listing:

Campaign Dresser

I know you guys. Campaign dressers. These are so different from every piece of furniture I have. Right now, 90% of our furniture is mid-century modern. I’m feeling like it’s all the same and I want to switch things up just a little bit. Do these feel hip and cool or awful and dated to you, oh honest Snag readers?

Here’s some interiors I’ve seen that make them feel cute and modern.


Found on theboldabode.com


Found on ohjoy.blogs.com


Found on yesmissy.com

So I made up mind and decided yes I want these. I called within forty minutes of the posting. And…they were already sold and picked up. What?! That makes me want them even more. To be continued.

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