A Comment Snafu

Awhile back, we were getting tons of spam despite having a few spam filters set up in WordPress. So I, in my newborn foggy state, changed one of our comment settings to require logging in with a username and password when I adjusted a few other settings. Whoops! Thanks to a Snag commenter, we’ve been alerted to this problem and have fixed the issue.

Bad news is we’ve missed out on some comments and have made you, the reader experience some difficulty communicating.

Good news is you can now comment freely! We’ve missed hearing from you all and are halfway glad there is a reason for the radio silence.

Speaking of radio, here’s a quick picture of a recent find of mine.

Ham Microphone

This is a ham radio desk microphone made by Astatic. It’s pretty sweet, heavy and shiny, but is unfortunately missing a few screws and a base to cover the wires and is fairly filthy. At only $2 I think I’ll be able to figure something out to make it worth my time since a quick eBay search shows these selling for around $25. It was found at a church sale and was the only thing I walked away with, I couldn’t leave it there knowing that it might not be restored.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience and we look forward to hearing from you once again. Let the comments begin!

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