A Lamp-tastic Weekend

This weekend was one of some serious ups and downs. On the downside, I missed out on some amazing furniture pieces that might haunt me the rest of my vintage hunting days. On the upside the entire Snag team headed out together and I found some great lighting.


My most interesting find was probably this unusual floor lamp. When I found it all of the lamps were aimed at a strange angle away from the reflector, but I suspect it was intended to be positioned this way with the lamps shining straight up. The end result is some seriously dramatic down lighting. You can fire one, two or all three lamps at a time depending on how much light you want. My favorite feature is the one directional head, in case you need a reading light.


Not too long after finding this bad boy, I ran across another interesting floor lamp. The fan-pleated plastic shades may not be everyone’s taste, but I think they’re pretty fun against the chrome poll and China red base and sockets. This one might require a repaint, but I won’t be changing the color.

IMG_7346Floor lighting wasn’t my only find this weekend, I bought this beauty right off the ceiling of a 60s ranch home’s kitchen.


The shades are much bigger than they appear in the photo at about nine inches tall each. I’ve put it temporarily in my home office which formerly had a single bulb, light-obscuring fixture. The three bright white globes are creating a bit of an artificial sun situation in this tiny room at the moment, but it’s still pretty to look at—even if I do need some Ray-Bans to look directly at it.


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