A Mixture of Finds

photo 1 (51)

This past weekend I found just a few smalls finds. The three items in the image above are the contents of my haul. Not very exciting, right?

This old glass bottle is not in great condition but that is what I liked about it. It almost has the look and feel of sea glass that has been rolling around in the ocean for years. So pretty!


photo 2 (52)

The 1950s Dwight Eisenhower “I Like Ike” campaign clip-on is for my son’s presidential campaign button collection, for which he has informed me to only buy the buttons reading, “I Like Ike.” He doesn’t want to collect the other ones I have picked up over the last year. He is only 6, so maybe when he is older he will like them all.

The antique photo will be added to my growing collection of tiny portrait pins. The back of the frame has a patent date of May 31, 1898.

These next finds I picked up here and there over the last few weeks. A ceramic bird container, an antique hat pin and a cool old wooden butter mold.

photo 1 (49)I know very little about butter molds but I couldn’t pass it up at the amazing price I paid.

photo 2 (50)But my favorite find over the last couple of weeks was this extremely heavy, all metal, vintage card catalog. Luckily, it comes apart into 5 sections for moving, but don’t let that fool you, this thing is still crazy heavy! Sorry for this bad picture, I took of it right before it was loaded into my car. It’s going to be stored in my garage until I decide where it to display it.

photo 2 (49)

I’m sure I will have no problem filling all sixty drawers!

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