A Vacation Garage Sale

My family had a great vacation, but we are happy to be home. I didn’t find much although I did hit a good number of thrift stores and antique shops. My only vintage finds were at a garage sale on our way back to the airport this past Saturday. The house was owned by an older couple who were updating their home.

My boys ran through a small path in the tall grass to get up to the sale and the lady having the sale laughed but warned them to be careful because she had seen some poisonous critters living in her grasses. Scary! Not something we have to worry about at our sales at home in Iowa. Thank goodness. The boys stayed out of the grass after their warning. I was thrilled to finally find a sale but wished we would had found it when the sale was just opening. It was close to eleven but I still found a few smalls.


I found this vintage scarf with a label reading, “Made in Italy Expressly for Gimbels.” Gimbels was a department store in the U.S. that was in business from 1887-1987. I also found an old Bingo game from 1963 in the free box! When I opened the Bingo game I found a small blue medicine tin to keep the pieces nice and organized.


While I didn’t find many vintage goodies, we did spend hours every day hunting for shells on the beach which is one of my most favorite things to do. I just have to share a picture of part of our loot!


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