A Weekend Without a Sale

It seems like these days a weekend with no tag sale is pretty rare. Recently, such a weekend passed and the Snag team, all busy with our individual plans, decided we’d take the weekend off from group thrifting. Honestly I wasn’t too disappointed. I had a laundry list of things to accomplish and a neglected garage-turned-storage area that recently became totally impassable due to a certain yellow sofa. And so, the no sale weekend began.

But, of course, there are errands to run and those errands just happened to be near a cluster of thrift stores. What’s the harm in stopping?


My first stop yielded this fantastic vintage letterman jacket from Des Moines’ Lincoln High School class of 1962. I would desperately love to be able to wear Ron’s jacket, but alas he was much smaller than I. Still the classic style and tactile wool were too cool to pass up. I’ll enjoy finding this a proper home if I can resist the urge to just hang it on the wall.



Next, I hit three nearby thrift stores and a flea market and found absolutely nothing. I was beginning to scold myself for wasting time when I hadn’t planned on doing any thrifting anyway. But, there were two more stores on the way home, so it would be silly not to stop.

Typewriter_CaseFortunately I listened to my inner procrastinator because he led me to this sexy little orange electric typewriter. Usually I’m not much for electric typewriters, but this one is so small, cute and colorful that it’s worth making an exception for.


Directly next to the typewriter I found this massive white lamp from the 1960s. Its beauty is in its simplicity and imposing stature. The ceramic base is nearly two feet tall alone. The shade didn’t come with it—I keep a stockpile of those on hand for just such an occasion.

LampJust around the corner these adorable Pyrex dishes were waiting for me. Both are very small and have some of my favorite patterns. Tammy, need to fill in your collection anywhere?

PyrexOk, not a totally wasted trip. Now, time to get home and get going on those projects. Well, there is one more Goodwill not too far away. Wouldn’t hurt to just check it out quickly.

IMG_0307This little cork pencil holder for $0.99 again made me glad I stopped. I spotted it on top of a clothing rack just as I stepped into the store. It’s missing a tiny chrome ring around the pencil holder, but I’m not too concerned about it.

Cube_SilhouetteThen, as I made my way through the aisles, I started spotting individual pieces of a very cool dinnerware pattern. But you know how it is, an odd piece here, an odd piece there…

Denby_OverallOr, the entire set! It actually took me about 20 minutes of searching through four different aisles to put this partial service for eight together. It irks me to no end that thrift stores routinely don’t sell sets of dishes together, instead they price them individually and let the pieces get scattered to the four corners. It always makes me feel like its my duty to keep the family together.

Denby_CloseThe pattern is called Camelot Chevron and was designed by Gill Pemberton for English china maker Denby in 1962. I’ve had one single serving bowl for a few years that I use to hold change and I always wondered what the set might look like.  Although the dishes are plain, the accessory pieces are so beautiful with their refined pattern and matte glaze. The overall effect is very sophisticated.

Denby_StampThere are numerous serving and accessory pieces from this line that have truly amazing shapes. My favorite is the coffee mug. I only managed to find two of them, but the size is perfect for a modern coffee drinker. I’m now on the hunt for more pieces to fill in this set.

Denby_MugsIn the end, this day just reaffirms my long standing belief that you only find the best things when you aren’t looking for them. Or at least that’s the spin I’m going to put on the real story here, which is sometimes lack of self-control works out for the better.

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