Meet the Snag Team


Combating the terrible two’s by day and graphic designing during nap times, there aren’t enough hours in the day to hit all the flea markets Angela would like to. Behind the elegant walnut doors of her mid-century furniture an interesting story unfolds—legions of “Password” games, a clowder of cribbage boards, an insanity of vintage children’s books, and a cacophony of vintage linens, scarves and dishes (that’s right, a cacophony). Angela puts the “clect” in eclectic, pioneering such radical spatial concepts as the “living room dresser” (someday you’ll see one in every home).

Angela wasn’t always in the vintage mindset. Moving into their first home with but a bed and a couch, she and her husband set off to (eek!) Ikea to populate their empty rooms with blocky Scandinavian mediocrity. Enter Austin. Within a week she had two buffets and a hutch (and a passing thought that it might not be insane to keep them all). Since then it’s has been a steady outflow of modernity as the vintage treasures creep—or rush violently—in.

As Snag’s resident 80-year-old at heart, Angela is the voice of reason…usually. With an uncanny ability to remember names, she enjoys meeting and getting to know people and has endeared thrift-store owners and dealers alike. Although unable to navigate while going a southern direction, Angela is an otherwise excellent chauffeur to tag sales and garage sales.



Austin is a graphic designer with a consuming weakness for vintage treasures. His home is a virtual Jenga tower of vintage finds that range from mid-century furnishings, art and pottery to vintage radios, fans, turn-of-the-century portraits and taxidermy. When not out stocking his museum, you can usually find him refinishing, repairing and restoring any number of things from his stockpile of waiting projects.

While many designers say their artful pursuits influenced their interest in vintage design, Austin claims the opposite. His passion for finding lost treasures began when he was just two. When asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he said, “A garbage man—so I can keep all the cool stuff people throw out.” Indeed he did become that garbage man, of sorts. For over 20 years he’s spent nearly every free moment at garage sales, auctions, antique malls and shows—but he’s no stranger to dumpsters and piles of trash.

Austin is the Snag team’s resident enabler. Able to talk just about anyone into buying just about anything, he doesn’t like his crew to walk away empty handed. Sure his “go big or go home” extravagance has resulted in a surplus of china hutches here or a credenza tied to a car there, but it always makes for a good story.



A health care professional by day, Tammy spends her weekends trolling garage and estate sales for intriguing treasures. From her mountain of rainbow-colored pyrex to her lively assortment of gnomes, cuckoo clocks, thermoses and vintage Christmas decorations, she has an appreciation for the most unique things you never noticed at grandma’s house.

Her love of hunting vintage things began during her childhood, hitting up garage sales and auctions with her grandparents. Her grandmother always told her to keep a handful of change in her pocket “just in case,” and to this day she still does. She is starting her own two boys out young, facilitating their growing vintage robot collection.

Tammy brings a spriteful energy to the Snag team. Her diminutive stature makes her a natural at snagging bargains below eye level and her magical charm has been known to warm up even the most curmudgeonly of folks. Don’t be fooled by her approachability though—she’s a firecracker at a tag sale, passing largely unnoticed beneath the elbows of sale goers.