Advent Calendar – Part 1

Can you spy Santa?

I’m hoping I have a new collection in the works. I have found that I love old paper advent calendars. Although I can’t imagine I could find any more as amazing as my two. Children were to open the numbered windows 1–25 each day until Christmas. I remember having these as child in the 1980s, but mine had a piece of candy behind each window.

This advent calendar was snagged at a tag sale and I paid $1.00. It was in a pile of old papers and tucked in an envelope. It is marked on the front Made in Germany US Zone. It has a copyright of 1954 by Sellmer Verlag Stuttgart-Rohr. It came with two original papers. The first paper is an explanation of an advent calendar.

The second paper has a poem for each day. The verses are by Jean R. Kkomaiko and it starts out,

“In Germany, across the sea
The snow in coming down
And just like here, there’s special cheer
In ‘Little Christmas Town.’

So let’s have fun, and one by one
Just peek into the doors
We’ll look inside the window wide
And walk into the stores.”

Verses by Jean R. Komaiko

Next week I will share my other advent calendar.

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