Advertising Thermometers

Today is my father’s birthday, so I finally get to share my auction find from months ago. This birthday gift for him is an advertising thermometer. Unfortunately it was at an extremely expensive auction that Angela and I sat in disbelief for most of. It was crazy! My winning bid of $34.00 surpised the crap out of me. Who the heck was bidding against me?! It was one of those moments and items that you don’t care what you spend on it because it’s going home with you. I knew my father would love it since it is an advertisment sign from his grandfather’s towing company.

advertising calandar

It has a 1952 calander on the back of it.

advertising calendar

It has been so fun looking for these small signs. I have been searching for years. The only one I have, I found about three years ago and in seriously poor condition. I still had to put a bid in of $5.00 to get it, but I thought—and still feel—that it is not very often that you can find things and, without a doubt, be able to connect it to your family history.

advertising calendar

Not sure of the year for this one since the calendar has been removed from the back. It was exposed to moisture at some point; I will never be able to take it out of this frame because most of the paper picture is attached to the glass. It would be completely destroyed.

advertising calendar

After years of hunting for these adveritising pieces from my great grandfathers garage, I had only snagged the two above at auctions. So I was so surprised to walk into an antique/ vintage store that I frequent about once a month and see one hanging on the wall. This store just happens to be in the same town my great grandfather had his store. When I saw it I did a double take and then walked straight up to the front dest to tell them I needed it to be removed from the wall. I love it! Birds and flowers, perfect!

Adverising Calendar

The calendar on the back is dated 1966. As the nice man who runs the store was taking it down, he said, “How did I miss this when my wife put it out? I have you in our log book as wanting Earl Holdredge Garage advertising.” I was so surprised that he remembered me writing this down in their “Wish List” book. What a great guy!

advertising calendar 6

I’m guessing these advertising thermometer/calendars were given out around Christmas to loyal customers. I wish I could thank these wonderful people for keeping them around for all these years. So please keep an eye out for any Earl Holdredge Garage advertising items from Ames, Iowa. I also know there are advertising fans out there from his company, but I have yet to see one to buy. My dad does have one of these fans and I have seen them at the Ames Historical Society. How cool that they have some? Happy birthday Dad!

Image found at This wrecker photo was in the Ames Daily Tribune on Dec. 4th, 1952.

This wrecker photo was in the Ames Daily Tribune in 1952. Via


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