After: Monteverdi Young Executive Desk

I’d much rather show you before and after photos of my refinishing projects, but in the case of this gargantuan desk you’ll just have to settle for an after. Awhile back when I bought this monster, I unloaded it into my garage in the dark of night and its size and weight also meant it was only getting moved once for picture taking—I thought you’d rather see it all pretty. So, check it out and for a before image just imagine it not this good.


When I first found this it was in an ad simply labeled, “Desk, $50.” Factual. The photo only showed the drawer side of the desk, but did hint at a uniquely shaped top. Intrigued, I made the call and the sellers confirmed that, indeed, the top was an enormous 84-inch by 42-inch pentagon. I had to go check it out. When I arrived, they pulled it out from against the wall so I could check out the front side.


I know, right? Amazing. Like someone stole it from Mr. Drysdale’s office at the Beverly Hills Commerce Bank. Its pointiness is at once intimidating and awe-inspiring. Surely some tycoon, mogul, baron or other captain of industry manned the helm of his or her enterprise from behind this desk? As it turns out, this desk came from an executive at none other than—wait for it—Archway Cookies.


Pedigree aside, it’s a pretty special desk. It’s incredibly well built with all high quality materials—even the drawers were lined with walnut rather than less expensive woods. Although it bears no maker’s mark, a little research revealed it was made by Monteverdi Young of Beverly Hills, California, makers of high-end office and home furnishings in the 1950s and 60s.

Even the drawers are lined with walnut.

Even the drawers are lined with walnut.

It actually wasn’t in terrible condition when I bought it, but the top had some water damage and dark spots from a fried computer monitor, all of which warranted refinishing. I can tell you that getting a great, uniform finish on a giant, continuous slab of walnut is no easy task. Fortunately this big guy is done and a major check off my “get all the projects done before the snow flies” list.

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  1. Brad Moore
    Posted November 28, 2017 at 3:52 pm | Permalink

    We have a large Monteverde & Young Executive desk that needs some refinishing. It was bought new from them in about 1968. I’m looking for someone that could handle this type of job. Do you know someone who would be interested ? We are in the Los Angeles / San Diego area.

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