An Easter Egg Hunt Victory

Often the things I’m most excited to find are the things I wasn’t looking for at all. A few weeks ago while I was picking up a piece of furniture from a consignment shop, I took a moment to look around and spotted an Easter egg to end all Easter eggs.

IMG_4941It may be hard to understand its size from the photo, but this paper egg is about 15 inches long and 12 inches wide. For reference, here it is next to a grade A extra large chicken’s egg:


If you’ll remember back to last Easter, I shared my mom’s enormous collection of Easter candy containers. Naturally, when I saw the mother of all eggs, I had to grab it for her. I’ve seen a couple this size before, but the condition was nothing as nice as this and the prices were much, much higher. This beauty was a measly $25.

IMG_4944Like the smaller versions, this big gal hails from Western Germany. From the cartoon-like graphics I’d say this one is likely from the 1950s or 60s. Check out last year’s post to learn more about how to date Easter candy eggs.

IMG_4943The best part about a giant egg like this, at least to a collector, is the number of smaller eggs you can fit inside!

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