…and the Squirrel Began Gathering Nuts

It’s inevitable: the cold is closing in. With temperatures dropping into the 40s and 50s this weekend with constant drizzle, one thing is clear—my days of refinishing and refurbishing are very much numbered. It does make me antsy. My current project queue couldn’t be accomplished in a lifetime, much less a few weeks in the fall. For any normal person this would be a cue to halt the buying of things that need repair. Maybe even to halt the buying of anything. I, however, choose to delude myself with the notion that I can buy anything I want now because there will be plenty of time to work on it next year. That’s clearly what was in my mind when I bought this.

Danish_FrameI just happened to pull up to a thrift store this week as they were unloading this Danish style loose cushion couch frame right off the truck. The cushions on this example are, in fact, so loose that they’re completely gone and lost to the ages. The good news is that it was crazy cheap and the frame doesn’t need any work other than gluing a joint or two. The project here is really just making some new cushions.

What I love about a piece like this is the element of imagination and the dramatic degree of transformation that will occur. Thinking of all the different fabrics and colors I could use and the anticipation of what this beauty will look like complete is enough to keep me going during the months I can’t be hands on with projects. What do you guys think? What color should it be? Cording? Buttons? Solid or print? I’d love to hear your ideas.

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