Anthropomorphic Lemon Snack Set

Lately I have found very, very little out at our local thrift stores but finally last week I walked out of Salvation Army thinking it hadn’t been a complete waste of time. This bright yellow snack plate and cup set had just been brought out that morning and was cheerfully waiting for me.

photo 1 4

It’s an anthropomorphic lemon-faced snack set. Too cute for me to pass up. Would you agree? This set was produced in Japan by PY Company and Norcrest. This lemon set was produced from the late 1940’s until 1961. Many other fruits and veggies can also be found with human like expressions on kitchenware during this time period.

photo 2 3

photo 1 5

photo 2 4

There are lots of fun, little details on these pieces but my favorite is the lemon skin texture around each cup. Too cute!

photo 1 7

photo 2 5

photo 3 2

A perfect kitschy kitchen snag! I think it’s time for a tea party with my niece.

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