Antique Christmas Greetings Cards

I’m not sure what it is about old Christmas items but there is not much I’m not drawn to. For example, these three antique postcards. I found them in a consignment store a few weeks ago. I paid $2.00 per card and really don’t know much about their value, I just liked them. They fall into three different categories of things I enjoy collecting: Christmas, ephemera, and smalls.

Christmas postcards

Christmas postcards 3

The card pictured above is the only one with a copyright date and it has the name John Winsch, who is known for being a high-end greeting card publisher. He released over 3,000 designs for postcards.

I’m not sure if postcards are more valuable if they are in unused condition, but I enjoy them most when they are written on. It gives them more of a history. It also greatly helps with dating the cards by looking at the postmarked dates. These three were all sent out through the mail in the month of December and postmarked with different years between 1909-1913.

Chirstmas postcards

Another hint that helped me to date these cards is that they are from the divided-back era (circa 1907-1915). They divided the card with a line to separate the message area from the address space.

Christmas postcards

This postcard has the oldest stamped postmark date: Dec. 25, 1909. Nowadays that’s hard to imagine someone working at the post office stamping mail on Christmas Day.

I would like to say I keep this tradition alive and send out my own Christmas cards every year, but I don’t. Maybe next year!

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