As Good As Christmas Morning

Last Thursday afternoon I stopped by a sale that advertised vintage toys. I was so happy with my haul. A very friendly couple hosted the sale and it was fun visiting with them. They showed lots of enthusiasm about their items they were selling making the sale super fun.

I love to learn the history behind what you buy. Most of the toys had been from one’s childhood, other items had come from their uncle or parents’ estates. They were thinning out their things and their children had not shown interest in the things they were selling. The husband explained to me that when my kids are grown up and are in their 30’s they will show little interest and not want any of these old things. Oh, I hope this is not true! I assured him that I was pretty sure if my kids didn’t want any of it I had a nephew that loved most things, so I would probably be able to share with him. Although he is only 7 years old right now, I think he has a bit of me in his blood.

These three 1950’s wind-up toys had been the wife’s toys in the 1950s. Case in point, while they creeped out my kids, my nephew loved the monkey with the ice cream cone and asked if he could have it. “Yes, Buddy, some day!” He always makes me feel so good about my finds.

photo 1 (85)

You can view a video of these toys in action by checking out Snag’s Facebook page here. It’s both a little creepy and fun!

The knitting bear with her original paper ear tag is my favorite. I was able to find out a little about her. She was made by Max Carl, in West Germany and is a wool flocked plush.

photo 2 (84)

Next I found Ziploc bags of old marbles. I grabbed two of the bags and now I’m regretting not just buying them all. Marbles look amazing displayed in old canning jars. They are so bright, small and colorful. Little pieces of eye candy! These first marbles came with a wooden solitaire game board. The seller said the game board had been in her family since the 1940s. I’m guessing the cat’s eye marbles date to about the same time. I ended up with over one hundred cat’s eye marbles and many are the larger shooter sized ones.

photo 2 5-23-15

cat eye marbles

Then there was this amazingly colorful bag of old marbles for $2.00. Do you spy the clay marbles?

photo 5-23-15

Angela and I love marbles and she found my clay marbles at a tag sale. At that time we agreed that the next clay marbles found would be hers. So finally, we found some and they are so pretty! I might just keep them…Just kidding!

photo 3 (37)

My last toy was this chalkware dog. He was probably handed out years ago as a carnival prize. I was told this dog had belonged to the seller’s uncle, who is now in his 90s. I love his big ears and bow tie and that they are still trimmed with mica glitter that has darkened over the years. He is my largest piece of chalkware, standing 10 1/2 inches tall.

photo 2 (82)

My last find from the sale was found right before I checked out and if I wouldn’t have taken that last trip around the sale I wouldn’t have spotted this 1950’s Jefferson Golden Hour Electric Clock. It had belonged to the seller’s father and was given to him as a gift by Town Mutual. So cool! Austin has found these in the past so I knew what it was when I spotted it. These clocks where made for many years, and I love that this one is dated so I know it is one of the earlier models. It’s in wonderful condition and I was offered more then the $5.00 I paid for it by a friendly man on my way to my van. Of course, I nicely declined his offer. It’s going to be the perfect clock for my home office.

photo 1 (84)

photo 3 (36)

All the other sales I went to last weekend were duds and Saturday morning I was back home from the few awful sales by 8:30 in the morning. So happy I found this one stop-worthy sale last week! I hope everyone had a great holiday and good luck this coming weekend of sales. We have a bunch of city-wide sales in the forecast. Bring it on!

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