Awash with Treasures

This weekend was a little unusual for me in that I (mostly) took a break from finding and did a little selling at an outdoor antique show. Sadly I am not using the term “awash” to describe an abundant haul of finds, but rather describing the devastating toll the rain took on my weekend. We’ll get to that in a moment, but first, here’s what I did find.


Not much, but all quality finds with some international flair. The Danish candle holders, vintage persimmon Le Creuset sauce pan and small metal sculpture were all finds at a flea market, and they all make me happy. The best find, however, was probably the Jens Quistgaard designed Dansk cutting board.


I pulled it out of a stack of cutting boards at a thrift store but didn’t really expect it to be anything special. A quick peak at the back revealed the Dansk four ducks logo. Not a bad find for $2.99.


But what I spent the majority of my weekend doing was getting ready for an antique show on Sunday. I always have fun when I do a show, but I always underestimate how much work it is and how exhausting it is. Dismal weather forecasts almost led me to call it quits, but at the last minute the forecast looked promising enough to load up and set up for the show.

photo 2

So this is what two weeks of washing, sorting, pricing and packing looks like. We arrived at 5:45 and had everything set up before the show started at 8. It’s always difficult to know what to bring, so I went for a mix of antiques, industrial items and, my specialty, mid-century modern.

photo 4

Of course not even four hours into the show mother nature decided to throw a wrench into the works with a pop up rain shower. Seriously? The rest of the day was a constant dance of watching the sky and pulling plastic on and off of the merchandise between showers until a steady downpour eventually brought the show to an end.

photo 5

Despite the rain, an epic sunburn and the few items whose lives the water ultimately claimed, it wasn’t a terrible show. Worth the effort? Ummm, ask me later. But I had a great time meeting people and sharing my wares with them. I feel like I will do another show in the future—but I might have to think twice about doing an outdoor show.

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