Before & After: Wallpapered Telephone Table

You guys, I’m not really sure how I feel about this Before & After project. The project itself has been completed for months, pictures processed, and I’ve put off writing about it till now. I found this little cabinet at an enormous garage sale filled to the brim with amazing things. The shape was just so cute and I wanted a nightstand next to my guest bed.

Cabinet Before

My garage was once this clean?!

I was set on painting the whole thing from the beginning. The finish was absolutely awful. There were so many nooks and crannies in the shape of the cabinet I balked at imagining all the time that would have to be spent on refinishing.

Cabinet's Finish

There was no inspiration until my parents found a few old rolls of wallpaper in their attic they were going to throw out. I had to find a use for it, the thought of throwing it away was unfathomable. I think my great-grandparents had purchased it for some room in their farmhouse, and my grandpa saves everything. Grandpa, you’re the best. The cabinet and the wallpaper matched in style. So a few coats of neutral paint and wallpaper adhered to the backer board and door, this little project was completed pretty quickly.

Cabinet After.

Yes, that’s my cute Grandpa in the picture.

See that coral color in the wallpaper? Not going to lie. The cabinet was painted that color at first. I was mortified. Austin was mortified. Tammy was mortified (I think, but she’s too nice to be mortified). There’s just no words for how it turned out. I didn’t even take a process picture.

Wallpaper Detail.

Great Grandma had some great taste.

So here’s my reservations with this project. While I’m in love with the wallpaper, the style just isn’t me. The cabinet is sitting in my guest room which gives off a pretty solid Grandma-chic vibe so I’m ok with it for now. Also, I wonder what it would have looked like refinished. If I put in the extra work, would the outcome be better? Would that little door be amazing refinished? Whenever I paint something I’m a little disappointed. It looks great from far away, but the perfectionist in me isn’t happy no matter how careful I am in the process. What do you all think? Want to see the coral color? No, trust us, you don’t want nightmares.

Before & After.

Before & After.


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