Before & After: What Lies Beneath

A couple weeks ago, I bought this:

BeforeIf I were a betting man, I’d put money on your automatic response being, “But, why?” Fair enough. I did almost leave it at Goodwill under the rack of jackets where I found it. Even at the whopping $1.34 they were asking for it, the whole thing was just depressing. Having just made a vow to buy fewer projects, I set it back down and went through the rest of the store. Slim pickings. Like any junkie looking to score I circled back to this and flipped it over hoping to find any redeeming quality.

LabelIt’s Danish. That’s something. Nothing designer or expensive, but it’s well traveled. And the frame is actually solid teak, and teak only needs oiling to look brand new again. But wait, what’s that in the corner?

PeekI caught a glimpse of something sticking out from under that filthy, nasty, hunter green cotton fabric. Something much less upsetting. At first glance I knew the chair had been reupholstered, but I wouldn’t have guessed the original upholstery was hiding underneath. Promising. Just like the two chairs I showed you in Monday’s post, I decided to gamble the dollar and change. When I got it home I ripped into it like a kid on Christmas morning and found this:


For as disgustingly filthy as the green fabric was, the brown and cream tweed beneath was in excellent shape. No dirt. No stains. No wear. No resemblance to a 1990s bed sheet.


The chair and I both released a deep sigh of relief. We were both fortunate that whoever decided to wrap this chair in a terrible green decision, did so in a non-destructive manner. This is the best kind of before and after you can hope for. No re-covering—just a little uncovering. To all of us who have ever thought, “the original fabric might still be under there,” this is proof that it can happen.

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