Before and After: Get That 80’s Fabric Off My 50’s Chair

Chairpalooza? Chairfest? Armchairageddon? I was going to mix things up a bit with a private stash or something, but decided to go all chair before and after all week. So stick with me.

I bought five chairs from one storage unit in one day. There’s this super rad couple near us who rescue furniture from eminent destruction; let’s call them project pieces. When we stuffed all the said chairs in Austin’s vehicle they didn’t bat an eyelash at the ridiculousness. They’re called Redo and I love stalking their current stock, so do check them out on Facebook here when you get a chance.

These two lovely beauties were among my purchases:Chairs BeforeI love the shape of them, the finish color and their aluminum caps on the chair legs. Truth be told, they weren’t too much of a project. I glued the left chair together, cleaned up the finish and reupholstered the seat. Why 1980s mauve velour was chosen to replace the original fabric I don’t know, but it had gotten worn and super dingy. All I did know was I wanted something period accurate and fun. I have two drawers in my house full of fabric, both new and old. Luckily I had some new old-stock fabric that fit the bill.

Chairs Fabric Detail

This fabric isn’t distracting with the beautiful form of the chairs, and even has some of the gold tone of the wood woven through it. It was purchased at Gilbreath Upholstery. If you’re in the Des Moines area and needing vintage fabric this is the place to go. Their warehouse has changed in recent years and it’s harder to browse, but they have some gems that landed there in the 1950s and haven’t moved.

Chairs AfterAh. So much better. These chairs look so fabulous now. What do you think?

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