Before and After: Kitchen Desk

This weekend was our big Snag excursion. We went to garage sales on Friday and left our homes at 5:15 am and returned at 5:30 pm. We closed the sales down. Then on Saturday we all went to a giant flea market at the fairgrounds here in Iowa. I would post all about my finds today, but my husband’s family and I spent all Saturday at the grandparent’s family farm and I missed my window of natural light in which to take pictures. So for now a Before and After will have to tide you over.

Desk BeforeIn our kitchen we had this weird little space right next to our refrigerator that for the longest time was just empty. I was looking for a desk that was exactly 34″ and had a hard time finding something that length and in a style I could live with. This desk showed up on Craigslist for $25. When I called the lady she was having a garage sale and was so excited to get rid of it she delivered it to my house. Can’t beat that! Although it was in rough shape.

Desk Before

It’s not anything special, but I loved the desk’s profile and how it would fit in with the rest of our kitchen. I knew with a fresh coat of paint would spruce up the worn finish. This time, instead of a brush I used a high volume low pressure (HVLP) paint gun. While the finish was perfectly smooth, it didn’t bond to the surface of the desk as much as I would have liked it to. That could have been caused by the primer and/or the paint as well, so this was definitely an experiment. But in a 1940s house, a little “antiquing” fits right in.

Desk AfterI used the same color on the desk as the backsplash and wow does that hardware pop.

Desk Hardware AfterThe metal pulls are one of my favorite things about this desk and I love how they stand out now.

Desk After Metallic Paint

And for a little unexpected detail, I painted the dovetailed joint with metallic copper paint.

For the past few years it has held our Play-doh, stamps, receipts, and everything else that would end up in a kitchen junk drawer. Definitely worth the $25!




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