Before and After: Syroco Gold Birds

My husband is a gem. He really is. I get to go out on Saturday morning with my best of friends, find some treasures, bring them home, and sometimes bring them in the home if we both agree said treasure is amazing.

Enter Syroco gold birds that are perched on dogwood branches from 1967.

Syroco Birds


I love them. I love everything about them. The gold finish, the white dogwood blossoms, the composition, the price ($3!). If my husband wasn’t home when I came back from thrifting that morning, they would be perched in their original vintage form. However, he was home and wrinkled his nose at the sight of them. I’ve never felt so strongly about something entering our house as I did about these birds. I have a thing for birds and our hallway is adorned with them. So when he told me sweetly they might be a little too old-fashioned for his taste, I started brainstorming. Bless him for keeping our house from looking like a house straight out of the 1940s, and more like a young(ish) hip (do people still say hip?) couple live here.

Syroco Birds ProcessI used some good ol’ Rustoleum spray paint. It literally pains me to see this beautiful finish go navy blue, but they were going in my hallway one way or another.

Syroco Birds After

Excuse my color balance in this photo. They did not turn out Reflex Blue.

After four light coats from all directions these little birdies were done.

Hallway BathroomAww. Here they are in their native setting. We have an amazing window bench at the top of our stairs, and it seemed like the perfect place to start a bird collection. Don’t look too close at the miniature African violets. They’re barely alive.

Hallway CloserThe two ceramic birds were found at a local Goodwill, I can’t believe they’re in perfect condition.

Ikea FabricThe pillow fabric is from a road trip to Ikea. It’s amazing and I wish I had purchased yards and yards instead of a $4 remnant.

DaVinci BirdsI’m happy with how they turned out. So is my husband. He came up the stairs, stopped, and said the two birds were like DaVinci’s Creation of Adam and snarkily chuckled. Mission accomplished.

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