Before and After: Yet Another Heywood Chair

If you’ll remember back to last week, I showed you a simple spruce-up of a set of Heywood Wakefield dog bone chairs. When I purchased the set, it came with a table, china hutch, six armless chairs and one captain’s chair. But something was odd about that captain’s chair. The color didn’t match, the shape was completely different and, most notably, the arms were too high for it to even fit under the table. Some quick research revealed that it belonged to a different line of Heywood furniture.

IMG_4783Much like its siblings, or more appropriately cousins, its upholstery had absorbed 60 years of nightmares. I discarded everything, including the dried up, water stained foam, and started from scratch. Since this chair didn’t play well with the others, I decided to give it its own special makeover. As I looked through my fabric for something appropriate I ran across a large-patterned fabric sample I bought at a fabric store’s closing sale. I’m normally not a big-pattern person, but this was just perfect.

IMG_4800Just a $1 square of fabric, some staples and BOOM! If it were a dowdy 1940s librarian, this would be the moment it takes off its glasses, shakes its hair out and reveals that it’s actually a sexy vixen. It’s just so fun now, I really wish I had six more of these fabric samples to cover the other chairs.

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