Big Move and More

My family made a big move a few weeks ago. We bought this 1972 beauty and have been spending every minute transforming it into our home. It’s been tons of work and we still have boxes everywhere but we have made this adorable place our home. Although moving has put into perspective how much stuff I have collected over the years, I couldn’t resist stopping by a few sales.

1972 House

I was shocked when I walked out of Salvation Army with this old advertising calendar. This 1928 print by Earl Christy was once a yard long calendar that years ago was unfortunately trimmed down to fit this frame. The calendar advertises Selz Good Shoes. Salvation Army, you didn’t disappoint for once!

photo 3 (31)

Normally, this time of year I’m spending every Thursday, Friday and Saturday hunting garage sales. I did take about 3 weeks off this year to work on the house but was back at it this past weekend. I found a few smalls. I’m trying super hard not to buy so much. Ugh!

photo 2 (70)

photo 3 (30)I’m pretty sure my mom was as excited as I was when we pulled up to a garage sale and spotted these lawn chairs greeting us. It’s a little foggy but I may have ran up to this sale, expecting to hear they have already been sold, but instead I packed them into my van at a mere $5.00 each!

photo 1 (70)

This rocker and chair does need a little work but surprisingly still have their original paint on them. Most metal chairs will have layers of paint on them.

photo 2 (69)

What do you think? Should I change the color or just clean them up?

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  1. Stephanie
    Posted May 7, 2015 at 9:15 am | Permalink

    Just clean them up. That coral color is gorgeous!

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