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Weekend Finds: Black Glass Plates

This weekend I had a chance to hit up three of my favorite thrift stores on the way to see Tammy and Austin. My husband was along for the ride and I could poke around while he wrangled our two kids. Yes. Not a ton was found, but I did add to my black glass […]

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Collections: Vintage Lighting

Perhaps I’ve been hoarding mid-century lights. I buy them, they go into our storage room in the basement, and I think “One day I’ll find a place for you.” We’ve been at our new house for almost a year and not much has gotten done. But within the last few weeks some projects have been […]

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Instant Collections

I ventured out last Saturday morning solo and found a few fun things. Three of my finds could be considered new collections, like these old tobacco tins. As I was looking though a box of tobacco tins in the driveway at the sale, the lady having the sale asked me if I collected tobacco tins […]

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Private Stash: Be My Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Make sure to check out Austin’s Valentine’s posts from earlier this week. He shared a collection of early 1900’s up through the 1940’s Valentine Cards. So today I’m sharing my collection of early 1950’s Valentines. I only have a small group of vintage cards and I picked all ten cards up at a […]

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Vintage Valentines: Part II

Monday we started out on the Victorian end of my mom’s vintage Valentines collection, but today we’ll be looking at some fun ones from the 1930s and 40s. Many of these were actually given to my grandmother while in school—we discovered she had saved them all these years. So, things obviously changed quite a bit […]

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