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To the Rescue

So, have you ever been in a situation where you just can’t leave something behind because you know what might become of it if you do? This was just the situation Angela and I ran into last fall at a flea market when we spotted these… We both may have let out a big gasp […]

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Snag Christmas Party: Part II

Tammy and Austin can walk into any flea market or tag sale and know what I’d be drawn to. We’ve been thrifting together for so long that I think we could almost split up into three different locations and find many of the things we would each buy. Therefore I’m not surprised that everything unwrapped […]

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Snag Christmas Party: Part I

The Snag Team had our Christmas party the last weekend in January. Austin hosted the party since his home was still a vintage holiday wonderland. Today I’m sharing the fun gifts I received. First up are these thermoses to add to my growing collection. I’d say I have 20 plus of these metal thermoses. The […]

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Tammy’s Tie Magic

One fine morning when there were few tag sales, we decided to hit almost every Salvation Army and Goodwill in the metro. At one particular Salvation Army, Austin was looking at coats while I perused the very top shelves above clothing that are easily accessible due to my towering stature. Suddenly, Tammy came barreling up […]

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Weekend Finds

Another weekend, another van-full of treasures for the Snag team. In typical fashion, the three of us headed out on the town very early Saturday morning with only one sale on our list—a tag sale. We love tag and estate sales for two reasons: volume and variety. When it comes to finding a range of […]

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