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If you guessed B…

Was it the afghan or the children’s themed tin that gave it all away? Because I need more of any of them. Apparently everything I found needed to be colorful and made out of tin. Seeing all of my finds together does make me wonder how it will all look inside my house. A few […]

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If you guessed A…

If you picked photo A as my finds, you guessed correctly. Thanks to all of our blog readers who submitted guesses. Thanks also to Angela for taking my pictures for this post. Friday’s sales were as amazing as Angela and Austin have explained. It was a day trip I would do again. The first town […]

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If you guessed C…

Those who thrift with me often have been known to affectionately (and sometimes not so affectionately) say “stay in front of him.” With good reason: I leave little vintage goodness in my wake. It’s pretty easy to tell which pile was mine by volume alone. But, I earned it. I rode in the backseat for […]

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Highway Hiatus Part I

This past Friday the three of us went out on a great adventure. The towns along a highway an hour and a half north of us were all having garage sales. Word on the thrifting street was that all of the sales were vintage. Count us in. We left at 5:30 a.m. and returned home […]

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Garage Sale Madness

It’s amazing what three people can score in such a short time. Granted, not every sale was a winner—none of us want to collect DVDs or nightgowns. At least for the time being. I’ll admit, this was earlier in the summer and we’ve been saving this post because our finds are just too amazing to […]

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