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What are you reading?

Hey, remember when you thought you could take a wall of wallpaper off in an evening? Eventually your hands were burned with steaming water and caked with glue, you were sitting on the floor completely defeated and your progress was this? Just a kind of a cool mish-mash of texture. Instead of having something amazing and […]

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A Comment Snafu

Awhile back, we were getting tons of spam despite having a few spam filters set up in WordPress. So I, in my newborn foggy state, changed one of our comment settings to require logging in with a username and password when I adjusted a few other settings. Whoops! Thanks to a Snag commenter, we’ve been […]

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Before and After: Formica Tabletop

Today my son started preschool in the afternoon and I was going through slight mommy withdrawal. To keep myself busy, I went to work on my new formica tabletop and tried to get that blasted stain out of it. To be honest, I didn’t have a whole lot of hope when I saw it at […]

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How-To: Clean a Painting with…Bread?

A long time ago I read a post on one of my favorite blogs about cleaning vintage paintings with bread. You can read all about their success story here. So when I found these paint by numbers for my lovely friend, I thought it was time to break out the bread. You can see in […]

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Private Stash: Party Dress

Just because there weren’t any tag sales this weekend didn’t mean Tammy and I couldn’t hit some local thrift stores. When we looked at the rack of vintage dresses this one literally popped out at us. It’s a handmade dress. The fine details of this fabric are stunning, and I love the combination of colors. […]

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