Snag » Gift Guide All Found. All Vintage. Wed, 05 Oct 2016 21:18:09 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Gift Guide: Richard Scarry Wed, 11 Mar 2015 18:04:23 +0000 There is one author my son is obsessed with: Richard Scarry. As you know by now, I have a vintage book problem. They’re everywhere. When we took four boxes of outdated textbooks to Half Price Books, we came back with four books, one of which was by Richard Scarry. Why a gift guide? This dude was prolific. With over 100 books and many compilations, it’s hard to know where to start. There are so many good choices, but we have our favorites.

If you are thinking of getting a book for a child, here are some good places to start.

Cars and Trucks

Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things That Go

Hands down, this is my son’s favorite book of all time. He has spent so many hours reading it, has every page basically memorized, and will still pick it up almost every month. This book follows the story of the pig family on vacation.


Hilarity ensues. Dingo Dog wreaks havoc everywhere.

Every page is packed with vehicles, a hidden bug named Goldbug, and other supporting characters such as Mistress Mouse, Officer Flossy and Dingo the mischievous dog. Published in 1974 and still in print, you can either purchase new or find a vintage copy and find Goldbug over and over and over.


There’s that little jerk Goldbug. Sometimes he is actually hard to find.


365 Stories Cover

This is the book we picked up over the weekend. You’re supposed to read one story every day, starting on January 1. While we have some catching up to do, we may have to wait for a little while. This book is for the slightly older child. My son is 4 and an avid book lover, but he finds these a little longer and the illustrations less entertaining.

Inside Cover

This is the inside front cover. The rest of the illustrations are a little more sparse.



What’s nice about this book again is the variety of stories. There are jokes, explanations of holidays for the specific day you’re reading, and the mood changes with the seasons. I’m sure one day Oliver will be “too old” for Cars and Trucks. That’s where this book will step in.

Best Story Book Ever

Richard Scarry’s Best Story Book Ever

While my son may like Cars and Trucks the best, I adore this book and would recommend it as a fantastic gift for any child. Austin bought it for my son and it is amazing.


Yes giant sun, I look forward to reading this book.


This book is a compilation of stories and pages from other books, and even has a few stories written by Patricia Scarry. Counting, shapes, the Seasons, anything. The variety really does make it the best story book ever.


There are amazing illustrations throughout.

Wee Mouse

…a wee mouse?

And humor mixed in. My son, when he was two, kept talking about a “wee mouse” and laughing maniacally. It took me forever to find out he was talking about a story in this book where the bears talk about a wee mouse jumping out of the firewood box. The things kids think are hilarious!

If there is one vintage children’s book you own, this should be it. And pick up a vintage copy if you can; the paper and ink saturation is so much better.

Are there any of his books I’ve missed that are your favorites? Have I sold you on Richard Scarry yet? Hopefully!


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Gift Guide: Vintage Birthday Books Wed, 16 Jul 2014 15:15:21 +0000 Hello everyone! How have you all been? Are you finding exciting vintage finds? I am finally ready to return to the “real world.” Let me warn you though: about 25% of my brain cells have been deleted and 25% are unaccounted for. While I may be getting slightly more sleep, I still feel off-kilter and crazy. I had a baby girl, Imogene, and she unfortunately has acid reflux pretty bad and it’s been a little overwhelming at times. She is two months old now and finally I feel like a sense of balance is slowly being regained.

This last weekend was my son’s fourth birthday. I can’t believe it! Although, turning four was much easier to take than turning three for whatever reason. A little thing I like to do for him is read these three books. They all have a common theme of celebrating birthdays. So if you need to pick up a present for a vintage-lover, check them out.

Dr. Seuss Cover

Let’s start with the most obvious vintage birthday book, Happy Birthday to You by Dr. Seuss. Did you know he pronounced his last name “Soice”? Anyway…yes, this book is still being printed today. But let me tell you, the vintage printing is way more amazing. The colors are so incredibly vibrant in the vintage printing that it is worth it to search an antique store to find one. I found this copy for $3.50 and paid $10.00 for another one. Well worth it.

Dr. Seuss interior page Dr. Seuss interior page Dr. Seuss interior page

This book is pretty long, so a toddler might only be able to get through half of it. But at four, Oliver can sit right through it.

A Very Special Day Cover

My next birthday book is A Very, Very Special Day by Frances Ullmann DeArmand. The illustrations in this book are so mid century.

AVeryVerySpecialDay_1 AVeryVerySpecialDay_2 AVeryVerySpecialDay_3

This book interacts with the reader a little more and keeps them guessing as to what this special day actually is. This year my son kept guessing what day he thought it was!


My last birthday book is Fortunately by Remy Charlip. My son thinks this book is hilarious and giggled all the way through it. One page is fortunate circumstances with colorful illustrations, one page unfortunate circumstances with black and white illustrations.

Fortunately_1 Fortunately_2

Don’t worry, the ending is fortunate! Do you have any birthday book suggestions? If so, be sure and let us know.

Pinterest Guide

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Vintage Gift Guide: The Holidays Wed, 04 Dec 2013 18:33:30 +0000 Is anyone else kind of freaking out that there are only three more weeks until Christmas? I am. I’ve yet to do hardly any holiday shopping and intend to get on it after I finish my bowl of peppermint ice cream. While I don’t buy a lot of vintage gifts for the season, I sure wish I could. Personally I’d only buy vintage for someone I absolutely knew liked vintage things in the first place. And I’d have to get a pretty good handle on their personal tastes.

If you’re having a hard time figuring out where to start, I’ve put together a few ideas I had if I was going on a vintage holiday shopping spree. All of these finds are from Etsy and for less than $50. Just click on the link if you’d like to see the pricing and purchase anything in the list.

il_570xN.449371015_85jeCandleholders feel like a pretty safe and economical gift to me. They can sit around anywhere and some are little pieces of sculpture.


I’m not sure what it is but several of my friends are obsessed with owls. Coffee mugs from the 1950s through the 1970s had such fun and vibrant designs on them. I have three mismatched mugs of my own. These types of mugs can be found anywhere and are usually pretty affordable.


A clock or alarm clock is usually small and practical. Designs are endless but this cute little atomic clock really caught my eye. It’s probably the fun colors.

Maybe for the fellow partier a flask could be a great choice. Especially a classic looking one that comes in an awesome leather carrying case.

Seriously stop. These are too cute. Ok but really, if tiny little elephants aren’t your thing there’s always manly horse heads, rams, pretty much anything. il_570xN.461289623_g6ee

This is apparently an eyeball lamp and no, the little teak mouse doesn’t come with it. Again, there are so many styles of desk lamps to choose from and many are under $50, some under $15!

il_570xN.500929054_h9o8Tammy and I  both have a nice little collection of Golden Nature Guides, usually written by Herbert Zim. When I was a kid I found this exact book in a parking lot at an airport and it kept me busy for a good long time during the flight. There are tons of titles, but keep your eye out for Hallucinogenic Plants and let me know if you find it because it is pretty rare. Imagine that.

What do you think? Are there any gifts you’d like to add to this list?

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Vintage Gift Guide: Wedding Gifts Mon, 11 Mar 2013 13:49:53 +0000 My cousin and I got to meet up the other weekend after WAY too long, and she asked me if I had any ideas for thrifted wedding gifts. Since my wedding has long passed (11 years ago!) I was excited to brainstorm ideas.

Let me begin with a couple disclaimers. Firstly, some people dislike receiving “used” things in general: for their birthdays, for special occasions, and especially for their wedding. This perplexes me on so many levels, but always respect their wishes. Secondly, know their style and what they will like if you’re going vintage. Antiques and vintage items come in such a wide array of styles; be sure to match their personal tastes with the items you’re buying.

And now on to the ideas!

1950s Picnic Basket.

1. Picnic Baskets. This was my cousin’s initial thought. YES. Perfect idea. Who wouldn’t like to receive this 1950s basket as newlyweds? Granted, this complete of a set is a little more difficult to come by. Baskets like the one below are far easier to find, and you can spice them up with whatever you desire.

Green picnic basket.Pair it with these melamine dishes and you’re set.

Melamine dishes.2. Table Linens. Can someone please buy me the below tablecloth immediately? It has modern colors and is reversible. This idea can go Granny pretty quickly if you’re not careful. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, considering many of my tablecloths are indeed Granny (sorry husband), but try to keep things neutral: not too masculine, not too feminine. Unless you know they’d love one or the other. You can finish off a tablecloth with a set of cloth napkins that coordinates.

Reversible tablecloth.

Vera tablecloth.

Mmm…Vera. Can’t go wrong.

3. Fountain Pens. Below is an Esterbrook fountain pen. I own two Esterbrooks and I can’t tell you how fancy they make me feel when writing out the grocery list. These are reusable and store ink with a rubber bladder. These bladders tend to get hardened with age if there’s a bit of ink left in them, so check to see if this functions before you purchase. See that gold shiny piece on the pen? You pull it up to compress the bladder. If you have resistance or there’s a cracking sound when you pull up, the bladder needs to be replaced. There are always specialty stores that you can send fountain pens to that will replace the bladder and give the pen a thorough cleaning. Pair it with some vintage stationery to complete the package.

Fountain Pen.


4. Picture Frames. Frames in the store are well and good, but they’re sometimes made cheaply and the finishes don’t hold up to normal use. Plus, anyone can go to the store and get a new picture frame. An assortment of 8×10 or 5×7 frames would put wedding photos to good use about the house.

Metal Picture Frames.

Swivel Frames.

These wooden swivel frames look amazing paired with vintage or modern decor.

5. Appliances. If your wedding couple hasn’t registered for appliances like blenders, toasters, waffle irons, malt mixers, go all out. Vintage appliances typically hold up better than their modern-day counterparts and look cooler on your countertops.

Oster beehive blender.All of these gifts can be found on Etsy, eBay, at thrift or antique stores, so start your shopping early to be ready for the wedding season. What do you think? Do you have a list of go-to gifts that would make a nice addition?

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